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Tulsa Hub is a syndicate of volunteers with a mission to change lives through cycling. Founded by Ren Barger in 2008, Tulsa Hub is the belief in human power, made visible. Tulsa Hub is the only non-profit in Oklahoma providing certified bicycling-for-transportation education, refurbished bicycles, safety gear, and follow-up support to the impoverished, mentally ill, or otherwise disenfranchised of our community. After participants “pay it forward” with 10 hours of volunteerism and training, bicycles and gear are earned in the Adult Cycling Empowerment (ACE) program. We are also working to change the habits of the next generation by conducting active-transportation programs with elementary school students.


Changing Lives Through Cycling


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    Since 2009, Tulsa Hub through its ACE program has improved the lives of more than 200 adults.

    The Tulsa Hub is powered by volunteers. There are a wide variety opportunities to volunteer. If you have an interest, please contact Executive Director, Ren Barger, at tulsahub@live.com or (918) 813-0028.

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Donations Accepted Tuesdays and Thursdays 9am-12pm and 7pm-9pm or by appointment


About Tulsa Hub

Tulsa Hub equips, educates, and empowers underserved populations through bicycling-for-transportation programs. We would love to take gently used bike donations of all sizes! We repurpose bikes and donated parts/gear for our various programs. Please contact our Executive Director, Ren Barger, at tulsahub@live.com if you have a bike you would like to donate to our programs. Thank you!